Taking Storage Options to a Whole New Level

Published on January 15, 2020 by Lori Day

CloudChomp, Inc. is excited to announce an upgrade to their storage feature in CC Analyzer. This upgrade allows customers to answer one of the most common questions during the pre-migration planning phase, “what are my storage options on AWS?” CloudChomp answers with an impressive and powerful Deep Dive Storage feature that goes far beyond EBS, to EFS and S3, Glacier, and more in order to lower storage costs.

The already robust Deep Dive Storage feature has been upgraded even further so customers can seamlessly view options and select what works best to achieve their AWS migration goals, based on their individual storage data. CloudChomp knows and understands that each business case is unique, and migrations can be complicated. With that in mind, they strive to provide robust, user friendly and reliable tools to their customers which will both accelerate and simplify the pre-migration planning process and allow the customer to come to a cost-saving directional decision more quickly to migrate to AWS.

“CloudChomp has taken a giant leap in AWS migration assessment and business case tooling by introducing a new component with deep dive storage analysis,” said David Pulaski, CEO of CloudChomp, Inc. “Our ability to perform agentless discovery on almost any data source allows us to dive into more detail around storage, and make much more granular recommendations around storage, beyond mapping to EBS. We offer pricing scenarios and recommendations for EBS volume types and EFS and S3 storage classes, such as Amazon Glacier, Glacier Deep Archive, One Zone and much more. Planning storage is not only an important component of any migration but addresses some of the earliest projects in a migration such as migrations for disaster recovery.”

Without expert level pricing for storage, many migration projects struggle to find financial models that are acceptable to budget guidelines. This is true for EC2 as well as VMware Cloud on AWS migrations, which typically require human intervention to reassess excess storage to Amazon S3. CloudChomp removes the need for excess consulting hours to modeling these storage scenarios for Partners and Customers.

CC Analyzer identifies and mitigates financial risk as the first step in the migration process. It is an agent-less financial analysis tool, providing detailed 1ClickTCO™ and expert level AWS pricing estimate based on infrastructure and performance statistics, in-app license manager for SQL server and Windows licenses to assist with license migration planning, application discovery, dependency mapping and an SOW calculator. CC Analyzer is a collaborative, dynamic data warehouse and planning tool for re-hosting, re-platforming and re-architecting on premises assets to run on AWS.

About CloudChomp, Inc.

CloudChomp, Inc. is a cloud migration tools company, helping organizations take a bite out of 21st Century Computing and IT Costs, turning bits and bytes into dollars and cents. It was founded with the explicit mission of accelerating right-sized migration to Amazon Web Services and eliminating the waste associated with manual and expensive assessment processes. The platform is built on and highly optimized for Amazon Web Services. The company is founded by two veteran software executives who have built and created exits for four other software companies. For more information, visit CloudChomp’s website at https://www.cloudchomp.com/.

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