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Over Three Hundred Business Cases Completed – CloudChomp, Inc. is Going Beyond TCO

Published on January 7, 2020 by Lori Day

January 7, 2020– CloudChomp, Inc., announced today that they have now completed over 300 pre-migration business cases, helping customers to go beyond TCO in order to save both money and time during their pre-migration planning stage for their migration to AWS.  In the past six months alone, CloudChomp added over one hundred and fifty new customers.  The tool now goes well beyond TCO, showing customers not only a projected average savings of 41%, but also migration paths based on the level of complexity of their migration and the estimated cost of their migration.

With a steady addition of new features, superior customer service, a dedicated team of CloudChomp staff, and a willingness to listen to customer feedback and feature requests, CloudChomp’s CC Analyzer has become one of the fastest growing pre-migration tools of choice for customers planning their migration to AWS.  By combining TCO, SQL License Planning, Application Discovery, a Migration Cost Estimator and Machine Dependency into one discovery tool, CloudChomp frees customers from having to deploy multiple tools from multiple vendors, for a single business case. Customers using VMware receive full TCO and post-migration cost estimates in one business day.

“2020 is starting out as a record breaker for CloudChomp as we break through our 300th business case,” said David Pulaski, CEO of CloudChomp. He continued, ”at our current growth rate, we are on track to reach 1,000 customers by the end of 2020. By providing pre-migration assessment services with an agentless approach, we help customers reach a directional decision to migrate to AWS in a fraction of the time, cost and complexity.”

CC Analyzer identifies and mitigates financial risk as the first step in the migration process. It is an agent-less financial analysis tool, providing detailed 1ClickTCO™ and expert level AWS pricing estimate based on infrastructure and performance statistics, in-app license manager for SQL server and Windows licenses to assist with license migration planning, application discovery, dependency mapping and an SOW calculator. CC Analyzer is a collaborative, dynamic data warehouse and planning tool for re-hosting, re-platforming and re-architecting on premises assets to run on AWS.

About CloudChomp, Inc. – CloudChomp, Inc. is a cloud migration tools company, helping organizations take a bite out of 21st Century Computing and IT Costs, turning bits and bytes into dollars and cents.  It was founded with the explicit mission of accelerating right-sized migration to Amazon Web Services and eliminating the waste associated with manual and expensive assessment processes.   The platform is built on and highly optimized for Amazon Web Services.  The company is founded by two veteran software executives who have built and created exits for four other software companies. For more information, visit CloudChomp’s website at https://www.cloudchomp.com/.

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