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Don’t Feel Bad, Everyone is Overprovisioned… And I Mean EVERYONE!!

Published on April 27, 2018 by David Pulaski

Yep, that includes my mother, but she’s not the focus on this article.  Sorry, mom!  Sure, maybe she’ll need 4 TB one day (OK, no she won’t), but it was so cheap so why not double the storage for another $100?

That same concept applies at work.  Are you telling me the hardware vendor didn’t sell you more than you need?  It was basically free when you consider the discount at that higher purchase tier, right?  I’m sure he/she did. Why? Because they went to Baker Sales Training! *See https://www.bakercommunications.com/ for more sales training information. We love our partners!*

Overprovisioning in the CapEx world is smart! Overprovisioning in the OpEx world is, well, not smart.  It’s like owning a private jet and using it two days a week.

Consumption-based compute is genius!  Imagine owning the same jet, with two other people who always need it Monday through Friday, and you need it Sat and Sun. You share CapEx. You share repair. You each pay your own utilization.  And imagine if someone managed the plan and ensured you the only buyer of the other 5 days was someone needing the jet on the same days as the previous co-owner.

Right-sizing makes consumption-based compute a reality.   When you do it well, you’ll land that migration plane with a rousing applause from the employees sitting in coach, as well as those demanding customers in first class.  This means right-sizing BEFORE you migrate because everyone, and I mean everyone, is overprovisioned.

Even my mom.

Is consumption-based, cloud compute right for you? Yes!  No matter who you are, the answer is always yes!

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