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CloudChomp is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Published on July 11, 2018 by Lori Day

CloudChomp is thrilled to announce that we are now available on the AWS Marketplace with two different products to help you in your migration planning as well as your chargeback and billing process!

CC Analyzer identifies and mitigates financial risk as the first step in the migration process; taking mere minutes to install and immediately starts giving you feedback on your TCO and helping you to right-size before you migrate which saves your organization both time and money. You can think of it as cloud economics in a box. CC Analyzer helps you get off of static spreadsheets by automating the capture, consolidation and analysis of infrastructure utilization to accelerate your path to a directional decision to migrate to AWS. CloudChomp CC Analyzer is an agent-less financial analysis tool providing detailed 1ClickTCO™ and an Expert Level AWS Pricing Estimate based on infrastructure and performance statistics. Our cost optimization module provides visibility into average savings of 40% over traditional lift & shift strategies, without sacrificing performance. CC Analyzer is also a collaborative, dynamic data warehouse and planning tool for re-hosting, re-platforming and re-architecting on premises assets to run on native AWS services.

CC Billing is an internal chargeback and billing system for on-premises infrastructure, including VMs, Physical Machines and Storage Devices. Customer Rate Cards can be developed based on customized UDFs, such as Department, Application, Tier, or any other detail. In conjunction with CC Analyzer, you will be able to compare your on-premises expenses to potential savings in AWS.

Click here to subscribe and start planning your migration today! 


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