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CloudChomp Adds Discovery for Secure Shell for Linux Machines

Published on August 24, 2021 by Lori Day

CloudChomp, Inc., a leader in AWS cloud migration planning and discovery solutions and an Advanced Technology Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), announces their latest release which includes support for Secure Shell (SSH), a secure cryptographic protocol. SSH will be the primary data collection standard for stand-alone Linux machines and will supplement the data collected from vCenter for Linux machines to include application discovery and application dependency mapping.

With the addition of SSH, CloudChomp is able to extend their application dependency mapping features beyond Windows, to Linux machines; allowing customers that use Linux to have a holistic view of the application dependencies in their organization. Additionally, SSH uses encryption to ensure the secure transfer of information between the client and the server, giving these customers an added layer of security.

“Modernization requires a deep understanding of workload dependencies, and CloudChomp has now rounded out our suite of products for both Windows and Linux,” said David Pulaski, CEO of CloudChomp. He continued, “our ability to deploy these agentless discovery tools on-premises, in shared tenancy colocation facilities, and AWS helps to extend our value beyond migrations and into our customers’ cloud investment.”

About CloudChomp, Inc.

CloudChomp, Inc. is a cloud migration tools company, helping organizations take a bite out of 21st Century Computing and IT Costs, turning bits and bytes into dollars and cents. It was founded with the explicit mission of accelerating right-sized migration to Amazon Web Services and eliminating the waste associated with manual and expensive assessment processes. The platform is built on and highly optimized for Amazon Web Services. The company is founded by two veteran software executives who have built and created exits for four other software companies. For more information, visit or connect with CloudChomp on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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