Infrastructure Rightsizing &
Modernization Platform

Strategize. Rightsize. Accelerate. Migrate. Modernize.

We are an independent, third party software provider, delivering best of breed migration rightsizing and modernization solutions through agentless discovery that deploys in less than an hour and to virtually any data source. Our collaborative workspace allows for the entire team to join in the effort to reduce the reliance on stale spreadsheets and inaccurate data. With our feature rich platform, you can be sure to find significant value, regardless of where you are in your migration journey – whether you choose to keep their assets on-premises, migrate to the cloud, or have already migrated to the cloud. A few of the benefits you can expect from CC Analyzer are:

  • Increased Speed - 25% faster workload migration within a collaborative workspace and rapid, agentless discovery.
  • Reduced Cost - 48% average cost reduction by utilizing our financial modeling tools for all of your environment types.
  • Reduced Complexity - 41% time savings: simplify planning for both on-prem and cloud environments with always-on, live data.
  • Discover and Strategize
  • Rapid, non-intrusive agentless collection from any data source
  • Fully customizable filters, assumptions, and user defined fields
  • Collaborative workspace - add your team and adjust their roles and privileges
  • Always on, live data collection and analyzation
  • Financial Modeling
  • Pricing models of on-prem costs, like for like and CC Expert (your environment, rightsized)
  • Application inventory and SQL Server Edition and Version
  • Pricing scenarios and rightsizing recommendations to multiple AWS services including: EC2, EBS, Dedicated Host, VMC on AWS, RDS, Aurora, SQL license optimization
  • Always-on, live data provides continuous, accurate data - never work with stale information
  • Wave Planning & Mobilization
  • SQL license and pricing to RDS and Aurora
  • Identify transformational opportunities to additional AWS Services
  • Application Profiles allow for the segmentation of workloads
  • Machine and application dependency mapping
  • Pricing and customization for instance types, storage types and dedicated hosts
  • Statement of work calculator
  • Migration Accountability
  • Accountability reporting to keep you on plan and budget, and course correct when you’re not
  • Measure projects wave by wave
  • Adjustable compression buffers for accurate outcomes on future workload migrations
  • Benchmarking Reports allows you to compare your technical and financial data to others similar to your organization
  • Modernization in the Cloud
  • Connect to assets already in the cloud and rightsize
  • Native AWS services recommendations allow for continual modernization of cloud assets
  • On-Premises Billing and Chargeback
  • View CapEx expenses through an OpEx lens
  • Help budget owners understand monthly expenses
  • Compare current expenses to the cost of AWS by Department, Application, etc.
  • Provide timely chargeback reports to budget owners
  • Simplify your chargeback & billing system by segmenting and allocating costs to the correct team

CloudChomp, Inc. is a leader in AWS Cloud migration planning and discovery tools and holds both the AWS Migration and the Microsoft Workloads Competencies. These competencies, along with multiple AWS Certifications obtained within CloudChomp’s team of experts, ensures that you will receive reliable and accurate results, along with our ‘white glove’, customer obsessed service.